06 January 2023


Wavy hair is on the rise! It's very simple, we find them everywhere with our friends the stars. It must be said that these soft waves help to draw a fresh and dapper face. So why not you ? Here's how to have wavy hair.

Unlike the curls , which are tight waves, the wavy consists of soft wavelets, intended to accentuate the natural movement of the hair. For a perfect wavy, the ideal is to have a mid-length cut, ie just below the shoulders. As for the nature of the most suitable hair, soft hair is clearly favored, but nothing is lost for straight hair, provided that you insist on the preparation and the fixing.

Prepare your hair

First, we make sure that the hair is well nourished and hydrated. This is all the more important when preparing to use a heating device. Moreover, we think of applying a thermo-protective care upstream!

Some products also make it possible to give body to the waves, to discipline them and to make them easier to hold. This is the case with special curl mousses, if you have curly hair, curl-perfecting milks, if you have soft hair, or even spray styling bases.

How to have wavy hair with heated appliances?

Two options: a straightening iron, round with a large diameter, or a curling iron, preferably conical.

With a straightener, we put a wick on the bottom plate, we close, we make a half turn outwards, and we gently lower the iron towards the tip. We repeat this gesture on all the hair. We start with the locks below, ie from the neck, then we go above. Finish with a wide comb to separate the locks and soften the curls.

With a curling iron, take a fairly fine strand, twist it with your fingers, wrap it in the iron, let it heat up for a moment, then release and adjust according to the desired wave. Repeat the movement all over the hair. Good to know: we always roll backwards!

How to have wavy hair without heating devices?

Do you want to have wavy hair without attacking your hair fiber with heated appliances? Good news, it is not the solutions that are missing:

. braids on wet hair

We make wicks of medium to wide thickness, and let it dry in the open air.

. THE plopping

. sock curling

We wrap her locks on… socks and let it sit overnight.

. Seawater

Spray marine spray strand by strand on damp or dry hair, then scrunch and braid. As a result, the hair is mattified and wavy as when returning from the beach. And we are reassured, there is no risk of drying out the hair fiber with the salt, because the sprays contain nourishing active ingredients.

. The nocturnal mats

Before going to bed, spray a fixing treatment on damp hair, then make 5 to 6 relatively loose mats.

. the twist

If you have soft hair, you can also opt for the twist technique. We apply a texturizing product or a styling spray, we twist strand after strand around the index finger, we fix the strands on the skull and leave to rest all night.

Fix your wavy hairstyle

A fixing spray makes the hairstyle last. You can also add a touch of shine by applying a defining cream or styling oil.


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