Scalp pain: Why does it pain?


06 January 2023


Bad hair is not just a caustic expression used the day after drunken evenings. It is actually a very real pain, which many people suffer from. In question: the scalp, an often neglected area, which deserves to be pampered more often than not!

Scalp pain: symptoms

In general, it is rather difficult to miss a pain in the scalp. And for good reason, the symptoms, which can be numerous, leave no room for doubt: itching, tightness, pain to the touch, sensitive roots, feeling of dryness, appearance of dandruff.

Why do my scalp hurt?

The causes of pain are multiple:

It can be directly linked to the fragility of the skin in general, to the very nature of the scalp, which is too dry and lacks suppleness, or to an imbalance in the production of sebum.

An aggressive hair routine can also sensitize the scalp. We are thinking here of excessive use of heating devices, chemical hair products or even a metal brush.

On the hairstyle side, it is better to avoid repeated brushings, colorings and extensions. We also forget too tight hairstyles.

Food deficiencies (zinc, magnesium, iron) and food allergies also cause a sore scalp.

Stress and external aggressions such as pollution, sun and chlorine are also not innocent in sensitizing the scalp.

Finally, hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, menstruation) or pathologies (seborrheic dermatitis, Horton's disease, Arnold's neuralgia, eczema, psoriasis, cramp in the horripilator muscle, poor blood circulation and inflammation of the blood vessels of the scalp ) can weaken the scalp.

Scalp pain: treatments

Fortunately, most of the time the pain goes away just by changing your habits:

1. Wash your hair gently

Before shampooing, apply natural care and gently massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation, soften it, eliminate dandruff and soothe itching. We realize the massage in the shower, using a vegetable oil or an essential oil and a brush with large soft bristles.

Regarding washing itself, shampoos are spaced out, so as not to dry out the scalp, chemical and aggressive shampoos and conditioners are banned, such as anti-dandruff shampoos, and dry shampoos are abandoned. The powder of these tends to clog the follicles and retain sweat and bacteria. Result, it itches!

We prefer natural shampoos and conditioners, adapted to your hair type, or shampoos and conditioners dedicated to sensitive scalps. We rely on products composed of panthenol and betaine, for their calming effect, and vitamin B5, which creates a protective and moisturizing film on the scalp.

Rinse thoroughly to remove the residue detached by the shampoo, which may turn into dandruff, and dry in the open air.

2. Slowing down chemical treatments

Hair straightening, coloring, perms, Brazilian straightening... we put all that on stand-by!

We turn to natural products, such as vegetable colorings or henna.

3. A new brush for a new life

Finished the metal brush, we opt for a brush in vegetable silk or boar bristles to massage the scalp while distributing the sebum on the lengths. The idea is not to create a traffic jam of sebum on the scalp.

4. Adapt your hairstyle

We prohibit hairstyles that are too tight and locks that are too flat at the back, which sensitize the follicles: macaroons, high ponytail, dancer bun, etc. We replace our traditional rubber bands with corkscrew rubber bands, which pull less on the hair. Finally, we stop extensions, weaves and heavy additions such as braids or dreads.

If despite everything we continue to have pain, then we think of doing blood tests and consulting our doctor. A cure of magnesium and food supplements, with a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and a specific drug treatment, then make it possible to put an end to the painful scalp.


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