How do I brush my curly hair?


06 January 2023


It's a well-known fact that curly hair tends to be… incorrigible! Despite all the will in the world, they always end up getting tangled! It's like that, it's in their nature… That's why it's important to brush them regularly. But beware, not just anyhow!

The natural shape of curly hair encourages it to wrap around itself, in all directions. The key: knots, breakage, frizz and poorly defined curls if you don't brush them properly.

In addition, brushing is used to ventilate the scalp, get rid of dead hair and distribute sebum, the natural oil that protects the hair fiber, over the entire length.

The “brushing” phase is therefore essential. Yes but now, how to brush your curly hair without attacking or breaking it? We tell you everything.

Brush your curly hair regularly

By "regularly", understand "every day"! It's the price to pay for well-shaped and lustrous curls. We favor a gentle technique, which does not pull on the hair. In short, a little bit every day. There is no need to spend too much time on it, the idea is simply to air them out, condition them, without knots, and smooth the cuticles to facilitate the definition of the curls.

Moreover, we do not forget that the more we prevent knots on a daily basis, the less time we spend untangling them. Thus, it is interesting to apply a hair milk every day in order to prevent the scales of the hair from clinging to each other during the day. This milk also makes it possible to soften the fiber and to undo the knots by hand, without deforming the curls or breaking the hair.

Detangle on wet hair

Never, ever do we brush curly hair dry, otherwise hello to breakage and frizz! By working on wet hair, you can slide the knots and undo them more easily. The ideal is to brush them twice. First on wet hair, during the shower, on the occasion of the shampoo or the application of a conditioner or a mask, then after drying, on damp hair.

Choose a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo

Hair naturally produces sebum. This is a substance that protects the scalp from drying out. Problem with the curls, their shape hinders the circulation of sebum, and the latter tends to remain stagnant at the level of the roots. They are then less well hydrated, they dry out, knots form and the hair breaks when brushing.

It is therefore advisable to compensate for the imperfect distribution of sebum by using a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Use detangler

The detangler saves time in the morning and saves you some suffering! It is applied after the shampoo, in the shower, as a mask or as a spray.

Choose a suitable brush

We opt for a pneumatic brush with large bristles to separate and order the strands gently. After wringing, comb with wide, wide teeth. The latter effectively removes stubborn knots.

Are there any left? So we draw our ultimate weapon: our fingers. Nothing like a good old hand comb to finish the job!

On the technical side, we start detangling with the ends, and we go up the entire length. In the opposite direction, there is a risk of reinforcing the knots already present.

Protect hair at night

Last tip: to prevent the hair from getting tangled during the night and knots forming, we style your hair in a pineapple bun before going to bed.


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